GoldMine Software Support

CRM-UK have been operating since the turn of the millenium.  Early on our flag ship solution was GoldMine CRM. We still support many GoldMine customers and have built a reputation of being the go-to company to resolve a GoldMine problem, especially where other companies can’t fix the problem.

Our GoldMine experts will be happy to discuss your GoldMine installation, the specific issues you have and can offer ad hoc solutions at an hourly rate.

We also offer full GoldMine Software Support services available on a monthly or annual basis.

If GoldMine is creaking under the pressure of your current requirements we are able to offer you the best alternative CRM systems on the market.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your GoldMine Software Support requirement.

More about GoldMine Software Support

At CRM-UK we have over 25 years of experience offering the best and most accomplished GoldMine CRM installation, customisation, integration and importantly, GoldMine Software Support in the market.  We have installed some of the most heavily customised GoldMine CRM systems ever deployed and understand its unique database structure intimately. We ran one of the largest iGoldMine deployments in the UK for a number of years and we have earned a reputation among the GoldMine CRM community as the company that can fix the unfixable.

CRM-UK are also extremely well versed in GoldSync and understand the difficulties of configuring and working with remote syncing in GoldMine. If you use GoldSync and you are having GoldSync issues then get in touch today.

We are experts at custom integration between other database systems, websites and GoldMine and have programmed many bespoke GoldMine-based solutions and still run possibly the most complex GoldMine CRM installation in the country at Mercedes Finance.

Although we still have many GoldMine customers and are still offering GoldMine Software Support, we recognise that many GoldMine CRM users have chosen to move away from GoldMine due to issues connected with upgraded network software, better functionality and accessibility of browser based CRM Software.

CRM-UK are experts in migrating the complex GoldMine data structure into other database systems. As a result, if you decide to move away from GoldMine CRM to take advantage of newer and more function-rich CRM solutions then our own designed and developed theCRM is the best choice as CRM-UK have vast experience with the complex and intricate database structure of GoldMine CRM.

This often catches other resellers out and results in less functionality and lost history data. If you have been using the GoldMine Email functionality, getting these emails out and into a new CRM solution is a job we have completed many times and most companies simply cannot offer.

Support for Windows 7 and Office 2010 will be ending in 2020, so if you are still running these systems,  now is the time to migrate your GoldMine system.

If you aren’t using Windows 7 or Office 2010 but you are fed up with Word-merge errors,  frustrated with GoldMines’ poor opportunity-management and hard-to-configure built-in-reports or annoyed with the temperamental Outlook and Exchange integration, we can help by migrating you onto our theCRM platform.  This provides far more functionality, much easier access for your staff, far easier reporting and no more worries about support when you change your Microsoft products.

If you have any GoldMine Software Support issues, have a support renewal coming up or want to move away from GoldMine and need a company with GoldMine expertise and the best GoldMine alternative on the market, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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