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Project-SalesAchiever™ is specifically designed to manage the complex sales process around the Construction Industry. Whether Architect, Engineer, Contractor or Supplier, Project-SalesAchiever™ is both powerful and easy to use.

Project-SalesAchiever™ gives companies in the Construction industry an affordable solution that is simple to use and quick to deploy.

It combines all the features you would expect from a powerful CRM package and also includes dynamic activity and project business lead management.

Project-SalesAchiever™ takes company, contact, activity and project information and converts it to transparent information, to empower your teams to begin and manage the business development process from rumour to order in the market place.

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Don’t miss out on Leads

Import projects from ABI, Glenigan, CIS and many more. Automatically assign new projects to your sales team or use the powerful drag and drop list-design feature to organise new projects by value, location or type.

Truly Project Centric

Project-SalesAchiever is truly project-centric. Spot a new development on your travels but have no idea who the client or any of the trades are? It doesn’t matter, create the stand-alone project and add multiple companies along with their roles as you discover them.

Incredible Quotations

Whether you create simple or very complex quotations, you can build them with ease with Project SalesAchiever. Complex calculations by product based on quantity discounts, supplier discounts, currency and anything else you can think of. Take a look at our case study which shows how CRM-UK met the complex quoting requirements of Neville Lumb, a subsidiary of Saint-Gobain.

Quote Numbering and Version Control

Ensure large quotes are approved before sending and lock quotes once they have been issued to ensure when customers place the order you know exactly which quote they are ordering from.

Send Professional Quotes and Proposals

There is no limit to the complexity of your quotation document.  Include tables, images and entire sections based on products included in the quote.  Automatically calculate delivery costs based on weight, quantity or distance.

Keep your Customers Happy

Manage inquiries effectively by quickly accessing customer information when they call in and track conversations to ensure your customer services or support team provide the after-sales service they deserve.  Quickly see previous calls and escalate difficult support, customer services or complaints to the correct department – automatically if required using built-in automated workflow.

Be efficient

Answer support or customer service inquiries faster by quickly locating the customer’s details and very quickly searching for previous similar calls.  Automatically create new support or customer service tickets from incoming emails to your support email address and automatically assign the tickets to the support or customer services team.

Keep them informed

Automatically send email alerts to your customers using automated workflow to keep them up-to-date with the status of their support or customer service inquiries. Configure reminders to ensure support or customer service inquiries are never forgotten.

Standard Integration

Seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Office.  Import projects and companies from Barbour ABI, Glenigan and CIS in the UK or any of over 30 other project lead suppliers across the world.

Custom Integration

CRM-UK have a dedicated development team who write bespoke integrations with, for example, Microsoft Navision, Microsoft Dynamics AX and SysPro ERP.  If you have a CRM requirement but need to maintain existing ERP, Manufacturing or Accounts software, please give us a call!

Custom Applications – PSATools

CRM-UK are the authors of PSATools – Import (a specialist data import tool which vastly decreases the time required to import data) and PSA Tools – Merge (a simple tool for merging companies and projects).  PSA Tools – Import can connect to any SQL server database including Act!, Dynamics, Sage 200&500, connect to any ODBC datasource including legacy Microsoft Access or Sage Line 50, or even just connect directly to Excel avoiding the need for .csv files (which are the spawn of Satan!)

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