As most businesses are well aware these days, Web-Based CRM Software offers many benefits over and above an On Premise CRM Solution. Most business critical applications have traditionally been held on your company servers in your highly secure data centre backed up by your disaster recovery plan.

This is all well and good as it protects your business critical data in an environment that is completely under your control, but it is a very expensive way to administer your CRM Software.

A Web-Based CRM Software solution means that all the expensive costs involved in housing your CRM system are outsourced to your supplier. You have no need to purchase and manage expensive IT hardware as this is included in your monthly hosting costs.

A Web-Based CRM Software package also offers you several functional benefits over and above what an on premise solutions offers. Typically your Web Based CRM Software provider will allow your staff very easy and simple browser based access to your system. This means staff can access the system from anywhere in the world giving them immediate access to real time up to date data regarding their accounts and opportunities.

At CRM-UK we offer Web-Based CRM Software solutions to our customers that represent much lower initial investment as you are not buying the licenses outright. You are also not going to require quite as much engineer time which will further reduce you initial invest.

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