Built with security in mind

The core of your CRM system is the data stored within it. That data is of critical value to your business and we take the commitment of securing that data very seriously. Security is, therefore, built into the heart of theCRM’s system design.

Data Centres

Your data will be held, and backed up, in an ISO 27001 certified UK data centre. ISO/IEC 27001 requires that:

  • the Centre’s security risks are systematically tested, taking account of the threats, vulnerabilities, and impacts;
  • a comprehensive suite of security controls are designed and implemented to address any such risks;
  • an overarching management process is implemented to ensure the  security controls continue to mitigate the threat landscape on an ongoing basis.


Your data is further secured by two factor authentication, including mobile phone based authentication.

Your System

Within your own system certain fields can be AES256 encrypted at user-level to allow the storage of business-critical information such as passwords. This provides military grade encryption to your most sensitive material, accessible only to those granted specific access within your organisation.