Unconstrained features

The features within theCRM are unlimited and have been built accordingly to customers specific requirements.

This could be as a more efficient and effective version of those customer’s currently use in their existing system, or personalised from scratch for a first-time CRM user.

Some examples of those we have currently deployed are detailed below;

Email tracking

Emails are tracked and synchronized with outlook which automatically links an email to a contact by cross referencing the email address.

Campaign management

An email campaign is a collection of individual email messages deployed for a specific purpose, such as marketing a product, conference or webinar information.

theCRM manages campaigns and provides an easy method to overview the effectiveness and impact of the campaign actions.


Reports are personalised to the customers own templates such as quotes, invoicing and orders.

Data within the system such as company, contact and product pricing are retrieved from the system to produce the report.

Dashboards - business intelligence

theCRM provides visual reports that translate your data into dynamic and interactive information that can be shared across the business.

Dashboards give management and front end users instant business intelligence,  an indication which processes work and don’t work, and where best to spend time and resources.

User/Role security management

Each user account may be assigned a specific role to allow varying levels of data access.

Activity/Task management

Activities or tasks may be assigned to the user or any other account. Activities provide a reminder of tasks to be completed and are managed by a workflow stage.

This also provides a history of events.

Workflow management

Ascertain how the customer would like certain processes to flow, scope requirements and automate accordingly.

Omni-relational database

theCRM stores information in objects, such as a company, contact, note and activity.

Each object may be linked together which is extremely powerful and allows the collation of data without constraints.

Simple user interface

The interface is simple and intuitive and can be accessed in a number of different ways.

The user also has the ability to personalise the layout of lists and create bookmarks of filtered or grouped data.

No constraints creating new objects or fields

theCRM is built around storing data in objects, such as companies, contacts etc.

Adding unlimited new objects such as job, opportunity etc along with the required fields takes minutes rather than hours.

Relationships between objects are defined by the customer, not by the system.

Filter/Search/Group lists - create bookmarks to manage lists

Each list within theCRM allows you to search across every column and filter by each column type eg. date ranges, this week, last month etc.

Columns may be grouped by type, for example, to make large rows more manageable.

20 field types including encrypted fields

Various field types are available to capture specific types of data, including multiple selection dropdowns, paragraphs, images, HTML along with encrypted fields for passwords etc.

Telephone fields may also be configured to link to mobile phones.

Administration centre - manage users/roles, add tables/fields, dropdowns, system settings, etc

The Administration centre manages the backend system.

Administers have the ability to manage the database scheme by adding tables and fields along with managing users/roles and a variety of system specific settings.

Product/Quotation management

Products are managed by the system so that quotations can be created simply and quickly.

Quotations are generated to the customers template and may be controlled by the workflow mechanism so check all the data required to produce a quotation is available.

Word/PDF templates

Client templates may be used for customised reports which may be exported to Word/PDF/Excel format.

Embed or link documents

To add to the versatility of theCRM, documents may be stored as well as meta data.

The documents may be embedded in the system or may be a link to an online or on premise document.

Documents may be any format and can also include images and photographs.

Tender fulfilment

This feature allows you to take a tender with thousands of entries and match to your product list.

The advantage being that something that would normally take around a month instead takes a couple of days, and facilitates accurate pricing.

Full functionality on all devices/mobile friendly

theCRM is hosted on one site independent of hardware type – therefore, no apps are required to be downloaded and maintained on mobile devices.

The interface is reactive so that it automatically adapts to the size of the browser.