Effortless adaptability

If your business is an off-the-shelf business then fine, use an off-the-shelf crm. But we don’t believe that any business out there is off-the-shelf. Each sector is structured differently, each business is structured differently and each workflow is structured differently.

Many crm packages claim to be adaptable to these variabilities, but such adaptability that the do offer, and in many cases it’s more limited than they’ll let on, is only accessible through extensive, post-installation software patches. These customisations are technical and intrusive, and they are typically measured in days, not hours. It’s little wonder that many businesses end up forcing their workflows into the restrictions of their crm, and worse they accept this as normal.

theCRM. adaptability is in our DNA

theCRM has adaptability written deep in its DNA. Being customisable is a natural feature of theCRM’s software code, and one that is realised for your particular workflow, for your particular business in your particular sector. And it does this at installation. And should you need further customisation down the road, then these are likely measured by the clock not by the calendar.

Effortless security

The core of your CRM system is the data stored within it. That data is of critical value to your business and we take the commitment of securing that data very seriously. Security is, therefore, built into the heart of theCRM’s system design.

With data securely managed from within an ISO 27001 certified UK data centre, access authenticated by 2FA and AES 256 encrypted user-input fields, we have a highly robust system and protocols to give you the confidence to look ahead to the future and not over your shoulder.

Effortless growth

As your business grows in ways you expect, and perhaps in ways you didn’t, you’ll need to be confident that your chosen crm will grow naturally with you whichever paths you take. But when it comes to crm customisability, not all crms are equal. Not all crms manage change like theCRM does. It takes customisations in it’s stride and will grow naturally with you.

A radically altered workflow can be effortlessly accommodated by theCRM, because customisability is written into the heart of the system. Change is embraced not forced.

Effortless functionality

Features and functionality of theCRM are unlimited. They are not constrained by the build of the system, or  by your particular implementation. We consider every installation of the CRM a customisation. Adapting theCRM to your sector, workflow or integrations is a fundamental feature, not a post-installation hack.

See our feature set for a list of typical features, but don’t think that is the limit of features. We can adapt and extend theCRM to meet your developing requirements long after installation. The question we like to hear is not “can it be done”, but “how easily it can be done”. So please, just ask…