theCRM – CRM Without Constraints

theCRM is a totally new concept in CRM, developed in-house from a combined 50 years experience implementing other people’s CRM software. We like to call it “CRM Without Constraints”, Contact Us to find out why!

When dealing with prospective clients, we take time to understand every individual requirement. In addition, we also offer a broad range of services such as Scoping, Process Mapping, Training, Installation, Import data and Integration to name but a few. The end result being the most suitable and personalised CRM system you are likely to find.


theCRM is ideally suited for business to consumer requirements, as there is no longer a need to create a company for your consumer contacts. This is pretty unique and is the only CRM system that offers this feature.

When dealing with customers, we want to build mutually beneficial long term working relationships. As a result, the fact that theCRM has been designed and built solely by ourselves allows us to develop and build a system to a customers EXACT requirements, however in depth and detailed they may be.

We have found that by aligning and matching theCRM to our clients existing business processes and terminology, what would ordinarily be a daunting task of learning a new system instantly becomes far more familiar and – as a result – far more comfortable and simple to use.