As a CRM specialist business that’s been around since way before Social CRM existed, and as a company that takes pride in managing its own Social Media exploits, we have had a front row view of the difficulty most businesses have in trying to understand which way to go.

  • Is traditional CRM with its comprehensive Opportunity Management, Project Management, Campaign Management and Helpdesk Management really more of an ERP solution?
  • Do Social CRM packages offer enough functionality outside of Social Network management or are they in danger of focusing too much on one part of your business?
  • Do you need to invest in both to cover all the bases?

These are the questions a business owner will be asking themselves when they come to invest in CRM and as Social CRM gathers ground and companies start to realise the importance, the decision becomes even harder.

As a business we know that it is incredibly important that we engage with our clients through the various social channels and we know we need a system in place to help us, but we also know that we need comprehensive reporting around our sales pipeline, we use our CRM solution (Gold-Vision CRM) to manage the contracts we have with our clients and the customer support facilities we offer them.

Ultimately the decision will be heavily influenced by the industry you are in, who you sell to and myriad other factors, but the fact still remains………a lot of your customers will be using Social Networking to talk about your products and how you treat them, your competitors will probably be monitoring that traffic so you should be doing the same.

Luckily a good CRM solution will allow you to use Social media  or integrate with other software to manage it. For us this means Gold-Vision CRM configured to make sure we have all bases covered and we don’t miss a thing that our customers and potential customers are linking to, liking, posting, tweeting, sharing or even Google+ing…….this needs some work Google.