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At CRM-UK we don’t just stop at providing you with a CRM Solution. We spend time understanding your business and its processes so that we can configure the system to fit your requirements perfectly. CRM-UK offer the best and most personalised support on the market and guarantee that you will always speak with a senior person who was involved in the implementation of your solution. We offer full IT Support and GoldMine Support as well as Software Development and Integration services if you need your solution to do more than what a CRM Solution can normally achieve by itself. Feel free to call us to discuss your specific requirements.

Business Analysis

In order for your CRM project to be a success, it needs to cover all the bases. Every company process needs to be taken into consideration and every users day to day jobs must form part of the solution.



User adoption is the Achilles heel of many CRM projects so at CRM-UK we ensure all users are fully trained and engaged with your new CRM System. We provide full on-site training on the completed system for every CRM project.


Software Development

We have extensive programming skills internally and have developed software stand alone and to work in conjunction with the CRM Systems we implement. No project is too big or too small and you do not need to be a CRM Software user for us to be able to help you.


Once the system is designed it needs to be installed by one of our friendly and professional engineers. Installation will normally only involve a portion of 1 day spent on your site so this means minimal disruption for your staff.



We have a group of talented programmers on the team who can get your CRM software talking to your existing software, such as Accounts and ERP packages like Sage, SAP, Navision, AX and SysPro and most business-critical applications.


GoldMine Support

CRM-UK were GoldMine resellers for many years. We still have some GoldMine customers who we still support and we have built up a reputation of being the company to go to if your GoldMine system is not performing and other companies can’t help.



During the Business Analysis phase CRM UK will have produced a document covering all the areas of the system that need to be tailored to fit your business requirements. This will all be completed in the configuration stage.


Custom Report Building

The CRM Solutions we implement are built on Microsoft SQL technology which means it uses the industry leading SQL Reporting Services and/or Crystal Reports. 

GDPR & Security

Please visit for more information about GDPR and the software tools you need to help becuase GDPR Ready.

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