Reporting & Dashboards

All users have access to extremely powerful and flexible reporting functionality built on Microsoft SQL Reporting Services® along with customisable Dashboards

  • Users can quickly create complex reports based on any field in the system, including user defined fields. These reports can be automatically ran by the system or stored to be ran by the user when required
  • Dynamic dashboard reporting can be created and added to the users homepage for easy access
  • Extremely complex reporting that used to take days can be ran with the click of a mouse
  • Pipeline reporting can be automated freeing up sales and admin staff
  • Easily compare product sales, targets, sales plans and much more
More about Reporting & Dashboards

Gold-Vision CRM uses SQL reporting to allow you to create anything from incredibly simple, to incredibly complex reports available at the click of a mouse, or even e-mailed periodically.

How nice would it be as a Sales Manager if your Company Pipeline report just appeared in your inbox rather than you spending days collating each sales person’s pipeline into one. Would it be even nicer to have a live report on your own personal Dashboard when you open CRM in the morning?

Some of our customers here at CRM UK used to spend a week every month doing this and that’s just the Sales department. Marketing, Project Management, Helpdesk Management and many other departments are probably doing the same thing. That’s a lot of expensive people wasting a lot of time.

With Gold-Vision CRM reporting becomes a tool that everyone can use, rather than a necessary evil that takes up too much of your time.

Within Gold-Vision CRM it can be executed so quickly, you’ll find normal users creating and running their own individual reports to save themselves time as well.

Another area of CRM often overlooked is Dashboards. Gold-Vision CRM gives each user their own personal Dashboard that they can configure themselves. They can have specific lists, reports, graphs and pie charts that tell them all the information they need to know on the same page. They can even create bespoke reports that can be added to the Dashboard.

Dashboards and Reporting are simple, easy and most importantly useful within Gold-Vision CRM. Not all CRM Solutions can say that unfortunately.

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