Neville Lumb

CRM-UK where incredibly understanding and accommodating during the implementation of Project-SalesAchiever as we changed out minds from a hosted solution to an on-premise solution which allows us to integrate with our Kerridge system for accurate pricing updates.

Kev Flint

Sales and Marketing Manager, Neville Lumb


  • Increase sales in a tough economic climate
  • Simplify and accelerate quotation activity
  • Implement a CRM solution that would support at least 20 internal estimators and sales staff
  • The ability to build complex quotations using our very specific selling price calculations
  • Maximise our existing investment in Glenigan
  • Import up-to-date and accurate pricing from our Kerridge ERP system.


  • Complex calculations to build a sell price and the ability to update the prices of existing quotes which are older than 30 days
  • Our very secure and tightly controlled IT systems
  • Integrate with Rockall Safety’s telephone system
  • Migration of company and project information from various spreadsheets
  • Provide a solution which requires an absolute minimum of administration
  • Excellent support from an independent CRM Solution Partner

The Solution

CRM-UK proposed Project SalesAchiever as a best fit solution to meet the business needs of Neville Lumb. Initially, the system was to be hosted in our ISO 27001 accredited datacentre but early on in the project, it was decided to implement Project-SalesAchiever internally in the Saint Gobain Citrix farm.  This would allow more automated regular import from the Kerridge system.  The solution included:


Integrated Project-SalesAchiever with Glenigan and Kerridge


Customised the Project-SalesAcheiver quotation system along with customised branch level quotation documents.  Additional customisation was added the Quotation area to update older quotes with current pricing


Neville Lumb maximised existing investment in Glenigan, the construction industry project lead supplier, importing all 50,000+ Glenigan projects

CRM-UK heavily customised the built-in quotation functionality so Neville Lumb can produce large quotations with accurate costs.  CRM-UK created SQL Server SSIS packages and SQL Agent jobs to regularly import pricing information from Kerridge.  Some benefits of the Project-SalesAchiever Project include:

The ability to send professional looking detailed quotations by email

The ability to add non-stock, custome items to a quotation and calculate delivery charges

Access to Project-SalesAchiever using the existing stable and secure Citrix IT infrastructure






Customer Services


Integration Complexity

The Results

  • Quotation Generation Time 50% 50%
  • Accurate Pricing 100% 100%

Quotations can be create in half the time and from accurate pricelists


Neville Lumb are pleased that when they call in for technical (or training) support, they get to speak to an engineer directly involved in the project


The Sales Manager is able to quickly view and report on open quotations.  The Sales Manager is also able to report on products quoted by project which enables him to obtain better pricing support from manufacturers

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