Mercedes Finance

CRM-UK were incredibly pleasant to deal with, and installed everything with the minimum of fuss and disturbance. Developing our CRM system has transformed the way we deal with our customers. Most importantly our customers are happy with our improved service.

Vincent Jordon

Business Analyst, Mercedes Finance IT


  • Improve Customer Services – independent poll suggested Mercedes Finance was the worst in the survey
  • Reduce time taken to integrate GoldMine with SAP
  • Overcome some fundamental problems with their business processes to improve communication with dealers


  • GoldMine CE was being used solely within the credit control team
  • For customer services to become more effective, they needed accurate information quickly
  • Effective support from an independent GoldMine CRM Solution Partner

The Solution

Mercedes Finance decided to capitalise on the existing investment in GoldMine CE, extending GoldMine CE to the customer services and contracts department with some 130 additional licences. The main areas of GoldMine CE used are:


Vehicle-centric contact records using key fields to identify finance contracts and Mercedes dealer relationships – modified GoldMine to enable Mercedes Finance to e-mail the vehicle’s supplying dealer but record the history against the vehicle


GoldMine custom fields are used to store information from SAP including information about the current status of the contract and information relating to settlements


Global calendar using a “pool” where customer service issues are located. Customer service agents take ownership of issues from the pool until the issue is resolved. This could include a customer requesting an early settlement.

Mercedes Finance implemented Inaport, a powerful data import utility from Inaplex CRM Integration. Inaport was initially developed for customers requiring complex import routines from many different sources including, in this case, SAP. Some advantages of using Inaport are:

Large range of connectors including SAP ODBC

The ability to create profiles that can be scheduled as tasks with Windows Task Scheduler

Complex indexing for field matching against very large tables






Customer Services


Integration Complexity

The Results

  • Improvement in Customer Service 100% 100%

Mercedes Finance is now number one in the same independent poll for customer service


Single Desktop Overview of customer information through GoldMine from multiple sources enabling a superior customer experience


SAP Integration reduced from a nightly 8 hours to half hourly

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