Gold-vision has been an excellent improvement and is working well

Mike Simpson

Head of Information Systems, Kingspan


  • Centrally Manage Project leads from Glenigan
  • Work with an efficient and competant CRM export
  • Ensure the new system was in a dedicated and secure datacentre
  • Have direct access to the CRM database for local reporting
  • Obtain maximum buy-in from users


  • Migration of existing project information from Excel spreadsheets
  • Maintain the ability for users to securely manage their own security credentials.
  • Huge amount of project and client data from Glenigan
  • Email communication from world-wide senders with non-standard charactors

The Solution

CRM-UK proposed Gold-Vision as a best fit solution to meet the business needs of Kingspan.  Gold-Vision, a browser based CRM solution, automatically imports new project leads downloaded from Glenigan.  Gold-Vision is hosted in our ISO27001 accredited datacentre.  The solution included:


Integration with Glenigan project leads


Customised the Glenigan import to re-assign projects to areas and teams based on county or city


Rockall Safety maximised existing investment in Microsoft Outlook Email and Calendaring and Microsoft Word for creating professional line by line quotations in minutes

Due to Kingspan’s stringent security requirements and the need to provide secure but direct access to the Microsoft SQL Server database, CRM-UK created a new and seperate instance of Gold-Vision and Microsoft SQL.  This allows Kingspan to include Gold-Vision data in their main Business Intellegence reporting software.  Gold-Vision integrates with Microsoft Active Directory despite users accessing Gold-Vision via a web browser.  CRM-UK built a custom portal which allows users to manage their own credentials which includes an email authentication step removing the ability for malicious attempts to gain access.

The ability to centrally manage projects by area and team

The ability to link emails directly to projects

Users can manage their own credentials and our Active Directory reports ensure there are no users in the system that are inactive






Customer Services


Integration Complexity

The Results

  • Glenigan projects managed 100% 100%

Kingspan was impressed with CRM-UK’s no-nonsense approach to ensuring the project met their requirements


Kingspan users were up to speed with Gold-Vision in a few days.


Kingspan are secure in the knowledge even CRM-UK are not party to users credentials

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