I do appreciate you working over the weekend to get it useable for today.  These things never seem to go as planned and one of the reasons for selecting Gold-Vision was our trust in you and your team to fix any issue that come up.

Jon Gaydon

Business Development Manager, Garnell Corporate Communications


  • Modernise the sales-process both for users and for management
  • Migrate to a hosted customised environment for users – no locally installed software or internal IT burden
  • Managers need to report on data quickly and easily
  • Flexibility to customise the system on-the-fly
  • Needs to be expandable for future requirements (marketing campaigns and into other areas of the business)


  • Existing GoldMine system over 13 years old
  • Superfluous data gathered over the years to be purged
  • Migration to Gold-Vision must have minimal down-time
  • Highly complex GoldMine structure – difficult to extract data
  • Restrict individual users to their own data lists – only Managers can access the whole database

The Solution

CRM-UK recommended Gold-Vision to replace the existing GoldMine system.  Our GoldMine expertise allowed us to quickly and efficiently extract the necessary data from GoldMine, with minimal disruption to the end users.  Ongoing data imports are quick and simple using the import tool.  And with Gold-VIsion Teams, users see the data they need, whilst Managers get a global view.


Customised the Gold-Vision Activities area to mirror the Garnell sales process in detail


Integrated Gold-Vision with Microsoft Office 365® immediately importing all previous company email communication into Gold-Vision and automatically tracking future client emails


A clear view of the sales process is now simple for every user using tailored views.  A large amount of time is saved building data profiles with the built-in reporting in just a few clicks.  No more lost time to software crashes!

Garnell Corpoarte Communications also implemented Gold-Vision Connect integrated email marketing. The only email marketing system with full integration with CRM as standard. Gold-Vision Connect provides Rockall Safety with the following benefits:

The ability to send professional looking emails to a very specific target audience very quickly

The ability to track whether the recipients read, forwarded or click a hyperlink in the email

Marking bounced emails against the contacts in Gold-Vision

Accelerated telemarketing campaigns derived from tracking information






Customer Services


Data Import Complexity

The Results

  • Time saved per week 20% 20%

Reporting now takes seconds instead of hours


No IT burden – a hosted solution removes the internal IT headache


Users and Managers both see the data they need

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