CarlF Groupco (Case study coming soon)

To integrate product prices and customer-specific pricing from their existing SysproTM ERP solution.  For sales users to be warned automatically as and when client buying behaviour changes.  The ability to access their system remotely quickly and conveniently.

CRM-UK deployed Gold-Vision CRM implementing a complex two-way automated integration with SysproTM ERP.  Alongside this CRM-UK developed extensive client buying-behaviour profiling allowing sales users to closely monitor changes in sales over a 3 month period, with a simple traffic-light “red amber green” overview to quickly spot changes.  Sales reports are automatically created and sent to update users who now access Gold-Vision via iPadTM from anywhere over the internet.

Within a month of deploying Gold-Vision, the client-buying behaviour system flagged a change which enabled Carl F Groupco to keep a high-value client, saving a loss of potentially thousands of pounds.

Phil Gray

Integration and Development, CRM-UK






Customer Services


Integration Complexity

The Results

  • Weeks before Gold-Vision paid for itself

Field Sales can create quotes in Gold-Vision and they are available in minutes in Syspro


Internal Sales Assistants are able to create quotes in SysPro and they are available to field sales in Gold-Vision in minutes


CRM-UK’s complex buying behaviour functionality save CarlF Groupco from losing a customer withing 2 weeks!

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