Implemented on time and on budget.  Replicated our MOB report which used to take a man-week per month and now takes 5 seconds. Most importantly the CRM solution was implemented quickly, within budget and within the constraights of our groups guidelines for 3rd party software.

Martin Leonard

Marketing Manager, Capital TDS


  • Implement a way to manage opportunities through the sales lifecycle
  • Comply with Capita central guidelines
  • Create a MOB report without the need for the sales team to spend time on it
  • Track Sample testing during the pre-sales process
  • Provide all users easy access to communication history
  • Allow users to set activiy reminders to stop deals being lost due to non-communication
  • Provide on the road access to the CRM tool


  • Work inside Capita’s strict company guidelines
  • Create a MOB report that is created in seconds
  • Import data from multiple sources into Gold-Vision CRM
  • Accomodate multiple user devices
  • Complete the whole project with an absolute minimum of disruption to the business

The Solution

CRM-UK proposed Gold-Vision as a best fit solution to meet the business needs of Capita TDS.  Being browser based and centralised this gave Capita the best all round solution:



Capita moved all opportunity tracking onto Gold-Vision which centralised their company pipeline


The native Activity allowed Capita to manage their Sample creation procedures with just a few minor tweaks from our development team


Report Writing

A SQL report was written that took the now centralised pipeline information and created a report with a single click that used to take the Sales Manager and his team a full man week to complete

Group Guidelines

Capita’s central IT services team were consulted along the way to ensure data security and company access requirements were incorporated

As Capita did not have a CRM System in place before Gold-Vision a lot of the main benefit they realised were thanks to Gold-Vision incredibly simple and intuitive user interface

It became easy to find records and track what activity had happened on their accounts

Gold-Visions unique fully automatic Email tracking functionality meant they could see all email traffic between their staff and their customers without having to access inboxes

Users were able to simply add activities and set themselves reminders. The system was also able to set autoatic reminders based on workflow




General CRM


Report Writing


Group Compliance

The Results

  • Time saved building Sales Report 100% 100%
  • CRM Functionality achieved 100% 100%

A MOB report ran in seconds


A new Sample tracking system managed within the sales process


Easy access for all staff wherever they are and on whatever device

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