Project-Centric CRM

Businesses in the construction sector adopt a different sales process to most other sectors that means they need to be able to manage opportunities around the project and not a company. This means they need Project-Centric CRM. This is traditionally something difficult for most CRM Packages to handle as they are fundamentally Account focussed. 

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Project Sales Achiever is designed from the ground up to be a Project-Centric CRM solution which means you do not need to spend loads of time and cost configuring the system to handle the different way sales are processed through your business.

Most Account based CRM packages will have you create an account called Projects in order to get around this, but this makes relationship mapping and reporting almost impossible. There is a better way.


  • Create Projects without the need to attached them to companies so if you drive past a new site and want to log it in CRM, you need not know anything about what companies may be involved.
  • Map the relationships you have with clients and suppliers
  • Use the built-in quoting and estimating tool to create professional quotes no matter how complex your quoting/estimating process is
  • Creating multiple quotes against projects for multiple companies
  • Track multiple opportunities within the same project
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook for tracking emails and centralised calendars

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