Now that the hustle and bustle of the festive period seems a distant memory, people’s thoughts turn to business procedures and efficiency, and what needs to be improved upon in the coming 12 months.

One of these areas is the company Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, and finally getting round to addressing the “clunkiness” and usability – or lack of – of their current system.

You may even be one of those companies that do not have a CRM system and have survived by using good old Excel spreadsheets and Word Documents (you’d be surprised at how many conversations we have where this is still the case).

On that basis, if you fall into the above categories, then you need to be speaking to us as soon as possible……and if you have never used a CRM before then we will show you how it can become an integral part of every marketing, sales and business development decision you make. It will also allow you to organise and maintain relationships with clients as well as monitor relationships with previous, current and prospective clients and customers.

You will find that the address books and Rolodexes of the past have transformed into the CRM’s of today, allowing you to add detailed contact information, track email history and record “who spoke to who about what and when”.This builds and tracks the business relationship with the customer – after all, it’s not called “Customer Relationship Management” for nothing – and a good business is one that relies on well-formed and extensive customer relationships.

Of course, it goes without saying that by having a CRM as described above and keeping it updated regularly, then only the correct and valid prospects are included. In turn, this allow more efficient and focused marketing leading ultimately to more converted business and enhanced ROI.

Given the above, we are keen to speak with you and help you achieve all of the described scenarios……so contact us today and we’ll start the ball rolling ASAP.  –  01295 722826