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Gold-Vision CRM is a comprehensive CRM solution that offers several key features over and above the usual features CRM software provides. CRM-UK are one of a select few Premium Partners for Gold-Vision CRM in the UK.

Gold-Vision’s Fully automatic email tracking via Microsoft Exchange means you have a 100% audit trail of all email traffic between you and your customers. Built in Email Marketing allows you to react quickly to the market without the need for 3rd party software and Gold-Vision CRM’s unrivalled level of customisability means that your CRM software will bend to your will rather than you changing your processes to suit it. If you take a look through the feature videos of Gold-Vision CRM in this section you will see just how much you could achieve with a solution from CRM-UK.


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Don’t miss out on Leads

Integrate Gold-Vision with Lead Forensics or OnMonitoring to capture those who visit your website but, for whatever reason, don’t call in or contact you.  Automatically assign these leads with a touch-point score.

Track Social Media

Assign point values with lead scoring to those who like your Facebook page or re-tweet your tweets. Using Gold-Vision’s lead scoring you can automatically assign these prospects to your sales team based on their scores.

Create your own Leads

Target the right people with Campaign Management and Gold-Vision Connect automated email marketing.  Track the success of your email marketing and re-target those who clicked on your links.

Reporting and ROI

Built-in easy to access dashboards and reporting and instantly show you the success rate of your campaigns including for example, how much business you won from that marketing list you purchased.

Treasure and Enrich your Leads

Use the lead management system in Gold-Vision to keep your CRM database clean until such time as they become an opportunity. Cleanse and enrich your leads with the Data Enrichment Tool.

Touch Point Lead Nurturing

Track new prospects who are accessing your website or interacting with you on Social Media. Trigger automated responses or actions for sales staff based on prospect behaviour online.

Send Professional Quotes and Proposals

Manage your opportunities through the sales life-cycle and build professional quotes and proposals in MS Word or PDF format with a single click in Gold-Vision.  Build quotes in any currency using standard or customised price-lists.

Never Miss a Thing

Use automated workflow to ensure your sales team are reminded to move opportunites’ to the next stage.  Use custom Dashboard Widgets to focus your sales team on the opportunites and actions requiring immediate action.  Reports and real-time Analytics will help identify holes in the sales funnel.

Keep your Customers Happy

Manage Support and Customer Services inquiries effectively.  quickly access customer information when they call in and track conversations to ensure your customer services or support team provide the after-sales service your customers deserve.  Quickly see previous calls and escalate difficult support, customer services or complaints to the correct department – automatically if required using built-in automated workflow.

Be efficient

Answer support or customer service inquiries faster by locating the customer’s details and very quickly searching for previous similar calls.  Automatically create new support or customer service tickets from incoming emails to your support email address and automatically assign the tickets to the support or customer services team.

Keep them informed

Automatically send email alerts to your customers using automated workflow to keep them up-to-date with the status of their support or customer service inquiries. Configure reminders in Gold-Vision to ensure support or customer service inquiries are never forgotten.

Standard Integration

Seamlessly integrate Gold-Vision with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Twitter, Facebook, Google Maps, LiveChat, Eventbrite, Clearbit, Google Analytics, Lead Forensics, OnMonitoring, Sage 50, Sage 200, Pegasus Opera, Glenigan, Barbour ABI, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Office 365.

Custom Integration

CRM-UK build custom integration applications to integrate Gold-Vision with: HMRC Government Gateway, Syspro ERP, Microsoft Dynamics AX, Microsoft Navision, Hiremate, Winman, Custom Websites, SalesForce and almost any other business application that either has a programming interface or hosts data in a modern database format such as Microsoft SQL Server.  We also create custom portals and standalone applications.

Accounts & Contacts

All of your account and contact information is centralised, easy for all users to access and fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook®


Email Marketing

Create professional HTML Email templates with traceable links and monitor who opens them and who clicks on which links. All fully integrated and automated.


Customise & Integrate

The intuitive administration tool allows you to customise existing pages or create new ones with unlimited user-defined fields. We are able to integrate Gold-Vision with almost any 3rd party software.


Opportunities & Quotes

Gold-Vision enables you to effectively manage your sales opportunities so that you can track progress of team activity and measure success.


Customer Service

Manage ticket creation, escalation, resolution and communication with the customer in one central place to improve the customer experience.



A customisable telemarketing environment separate to your main database allows for telemarketers to run through raw data quickly avoiding the need to contaminate your main database with poor data.


Marketing Management

With Gold-Vision CRM you can create and automate targeted Marketing Campaigns using the data and intelligence built into your CRM.


Reporting and Dashboards

Fully customisable Dashboards and full user access to extremely powerful and flexible reporting functionality built on Microsoft SQL Reporting Services®.


Glenigan & Barbour

Glenigan and Barbour are both important resources for the construction industry, but with so many projects going on throughout the UK at any one time, the amount of data can often be too much to handle.


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