I was chatting with one of our clients the other day about how they’ve replaced all their sales teams’ laptops with iPads.  I was trying to get some detail and figures around the cost savings they’ve enjoyed and obviously what the sales team think of their new way of working.

It’ll be no surprise to anyone reading this that the feedback is mainly positive.

Support Costs
The company in question was using a client/server based CRM tool before we implemented Gold-Vision CRM so the support costs have dropped to virtually nothing from a considerable amount of money and support pain.

Gold-Vision CRM is much more user friendly than their old system (which shall remain nameless!).  Even better all their specially customised CRM functionality (customisations added since deployment) also work on the iPads over a GPRS-friendly mobile client, so their sales guys are getting most of their admin work done on the road, rather than having to spend a day a week in the office or start their admin when they get home in the evening.

In short, sales guys are happy, sales are up and the cost of sale is down… so everyone is happy.

Anyway, all of the above got me thinking about why sales guys have laptops at all.  Gold-Vision CRM has server-side document creation on the way which removes any client side software or hardware dependencies so you can access the full system with a smart phone or tablet.  So, why spend the money on buying and supporting laptops?  What else does a laptop do for your sales person (or person working away from the office) that a tablet can’t do?  If you can give a sales person the ability to do all of their work on the road, then they will be spending more time selling and less time in the office doing admin…..that’s got to be a good thing.

Of course the other side of the coin is that if you give your sales team no reason to be in the office, they probably never will be. Are we heading towards companies who have staff members working out of the same office who have never met?