It is no longer enough to invest in a piece of simple contact management software so that your staff can access customer phone numbers, leave a few notes and be reminded of what they should be doing. Some or all of your competitors will be implementing a CRM Strategy in order to be far more pro-active both in selling to their customers and also to their prospects. It’s worth noting that your customers are probably on their prospect list.

A CRM Strategy that is well thought out and executed correctly can be used to ensure your existing customers stay, your prospects are more likely to buy from you and your market share can grow.

CRM Strategy depends heavily on the type of business you are, whether you sell to businesses, consumers or both, and what types of products and services you sell. This is why the most important thing to do when deciding on a CRM strategy is to investigate who your customers are, why they are buying from you and maybe more importantly why others aren’t.

This is often neglected in the limited CRM strategy of most companies, but is easily as important as knowing your customers and their habits intimately.

This also doesn’t just mean you need to know what you did wrong when ABC Limited went to your competitor, you need to know what your competitor did right. This is something a class leading CRM Software like Gold-Vision CRM can help with.

It’s when you start getting into this level of sophisticated CRM strategy that you realise a simple contact management package will not cut it. You need to be able to track targeted data about your clients and prospects and you need the CRM system to have workflow capability so that it can monitor this profiling information.

Your CRM Solution needs comprehensive Marketing Tools, Marketing Management and Marketing Automation that will allow you to react to your market quickly and efficiently when yours or your competitor’s customers need it. This means you are talking to them at the right time which means higher yields of leads and customers who don’t feel harassed.

If you are blanket emailing a list of companies about everything you do and one of your competitors is emailing them less often and regarding solutions that fit their requirements, they are going to purchase through them.

While it is important not to bombard your clients and prospects, it is also important not to market yourselves too little and risk potential business not knowing who you are or what you can do for them. CRM Strategy is a delicate balancing act that can be made much easier with Gold-Vision CRM.

CRM UK can show you just how easy it is to implement a sophisticated CRM strategy and align it to Gold-Vision CRM so that your strategy is executed correctly and with the least amount of impact on your staff and customers. Please request a demo to arrange a good time to look at Gold-Vision CRM or watch the videos on the site to see it in action.