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What is CRM?

Customer Relationship Management or CRM Software is technology designed to help companies manage interactions with their customers and prospects by:


Keeping a record of all email traffic between your staff and your customers

Creating and storing documents quickly and easily through templates

Collecting profiling information on customers and prospects for marketing

Managing your sales team and their pipeline

Manage activities to ensure staff complete tasks at the correct time

Reporting on company progress and sales potential for the future

The majority of lost sales, poor marketing and customer support issues can be put down to simply not having the ability to manage these areas correctly. Manually trying to manage contacts, organise opportunities, register and follow through customer support issues and execute effective marketing simply doesn’t work. This is where CRM Software comes in.

CRM takes the human error out of the equation and helps you to effectively organise, automate and synchronise your business processes. In the main CRM Software is aimed at sales activities, but a properly configured and fully featured CRM Software solution will revolutionise the way you manage marketing, customer service and technical support.

The end goal of CRM software is to find, attract and win new customers, nurture and retain existing customers and reduce the cost of marketing and customer services.

Not all CRM solutions offer all the functionality required to achieve all the above, so it’s important you choose the right CRM Software Solution.

What CRM Solution do we Recommend?

Project SalesAchiever Logo

Project-SalesAchiever is specifically designed to manage the complex sales process around the Construction Industry. Whether Architect, Engineer, Contractor or Supplier, Project-SalesAchiever is both powerful and easy to use. Project-SalesAchiever gives companies in the Construction industry an affordable solution that is simple to use and quick to deploy.


Why choose SalesAchiever?

  • Perfect for the construction industry
  • SalesAchiever is Project centric
  • Integrate with Barbour ABI, Glenigan, CIS and more
  • Familiar Windows desktop application
  • Web access option
  • Optional iPad application
  • Install SalesAcheiver on-premise or in our data-centre
  • Offline access with Synchronisation

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