With over 150m users worldwide, LinkedIn offers significant potential for businesses looking for networking and business opportunities. Of course, with this the case, businesses worldwide have begun encouraging their staff to leverage this professional business network for their benefit.

One of the things about LinkedIn is that you should never miss out on a chance for a connection. Unlike social media sites where your contacts are predominantly friends, family and former classmates, LinkedIn is about breeding connections.


Businesses should encourage their employees to always connect with the potential connections straight after meeting them, to ensure they are fresh in your minds. This ‘strike when the iron’s hot’ approach increases connections on both the immediate and also on secondary and tertiary levels. For the business it also shows there on the ball attitude – something appreciated by many and something that creates a good impression, when used with LinkedIn for business purposes.

Lines of Influence

One of the other great reasons for having a wide range of contacts on all levels within LinkedIn for business is that you can determine the hegemony of institutions and businesses. Having a number of employees connected to those in large companies and corporations makes it easy to figure out who the decision makers are. Utilising this knowledge, with LinkedIn’s InMail feature means you can directly mail these more senior decision makers. LinkedIn claim that this mail feature is 30 times more likely to be a success than a cold call.


Keeping up with changes and news creates opportunities, so by monitoring LinkedIn for business you can almost instantaneously see where there are changes companies. From monitoring the people joining, or leaving a particular company, or keeping an eye on certain announcements or changes you can be the first to contact a company in their time of need and so benefit greatly. Groups are another great way to do this, allowing you to see industry changes, prospective client’s frustrations – which of course you can contact and fulfil and also use to hire individual clients.

Who Looked at My Profile

For business, curiosity and engagement can be central to success. Keeping a close eye on who your employees add as connections and then using your own ‘ Who looked at my Profile’ information  to see if your employees connections look at your profile can give you an idea in who’s interested in your business. Keeping a close eye on this can give you a good idea of who you should make that little bit more effort engaging.