Opportunity & Quote Management

Gold-Vision enables you to effectively manage your sales opportunities and provide multiple quotes quickly using templates. Clear Opportunity stages allow for easy and accurate pipeline reporting, whilst automated workflow means no taks is ever missed.

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  • Customise your Opportunities to track the information you require with text, number, date, dropdown and tick box fields
  • Create a Staging Process unique to your company to track the progress of Opportunties and Quotes as they move through the Sales Cycle
  • Keep your sales team on the road by automating processes with Gold-Vision CRM’s comprehensive workflow and alerting
  • Professional Quotes and Proposals can be created with the click of a mouse with the built in document template system
  • Product pricing lists can be imported into Gold-Vision and integrated with back office systems like your ERP or Accounts packages
More about Opportunity & Quote Management

Opportunity Management within Gold-Vision CRM goes a step further. As a Manager you want to be able to see a quick view of all opportunities due to close this month, you want to be able to quickly view opportunities over a certain value or maybe you want to look at opportunities that have been open for a certain length of time. This is all very quick and easy within Gold-Vision CRM.

All e-mails sent to and from the client can be linked to the opportunity. All quotes and documentation are linked to the opportunity. You can see all the notes relating to the opportunity, all the contacts in your company and the clients are associated with the opportunity. Opportunity stage, value and estimated closing dates make forecasting incredibly accurate.

In short, everything you need for Opportunity Management is in a simple, easy to access, 360 degree view.

Opportunity Management allows your sales staff to keep a close eye on everything they are working on which means they can give you much more accurate forecasts which makes business planning and resourcing a lot easier.

Gold-Vision CRM allows your sales staff to create quotes from pricelists with the opportunity itself. Why make your staff do this in a separate package or another part of the CRM Software. It makes sense to make this as quick and easy as possible.

Gold-Vision CRM’s Opportunity Management means that whether it’s the sales persons individual pipeline or the companies pipeline, everything is available to see and can be reportedon quickly and easily.

In Gold-Vision CRM you create your quote directly from the opportunity and the opportunity is tracked against it.

Your price lists are stored within Gold-Vision CRM and these can be linked to stock and changing supplier prices.

When your sales person creates a quote, he or she simply picks the products, applies discounts where appropriate, chooses the quantity and attaches them to the quote. All the time this is happening, margin is tracked to make sure targets are hit.

When the quote is complete, a single click opens up a template list and your document is created. Some CRM Solutions require plug-ins and add-ons to get the link with Microsoft Word working. Gold-Vision CRM links directly with Word so your IT staff have nothing additional to manage.

Quotation Management with the opportunity means you can create several quotes and only choose to add some to your opportunity value, this increase pipeline accuracy. Quotation Management also allows you to look at quotes across all opportunities in a central area, so managers can see what products are being quoted and what prices they are being quoted at.

No other CRM Software offers a direct link to Word for templates and no other CRM Solution allows such easy integration with stock control and ERP packages. Gold-Vision CRM is the clear choice for Quote Management.

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