Marketing Management

With Gold-Vision CRM you can create targeted Marketing Campaigns using the data and intelligence built into you CRM database, without the data having to leave your system.

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  • Store profiling information against customers and prospects to make segmenting data easier and more powerful
  • Use tracking information from earlier campaigns to create multi-tier campaigns to drill down leads
  • Let Gold-Vision track the cost of your campaigns and follow leads through to completion for profit analysis
  • Activities can be created automatically to get telemarketing staff or the sales team to follow up marketing Campaigns
  • Never get caught out marketing people who have unsubscribed with automatic unsubscribe and contact preference handling
More about Marketing Management

As a Marketing Manger you need the ability to track and report on several campaigns at the same time. These may be direct mail, telemarketing, seminars, events and e-mail campaigns. Juggling this many balls requires a CRM Solutionwith strong Campaign Management abilities.

For a long time the best you could hope for was an easy way to export a list into some other solution to help you manage this, and unfortunately, that is still the case for some modern CRM Software Solutions. Not so with Gold-Vision CRM.

Within Gold-Vision CRM you have a whole Campaign Management section that allows you to manage as many campaigns as you want. You build your lists using the amazing list filtering system that Gold-Vision CRM is based around and then allocate them to your campaign.

Quick and easy doesn’t mean less functionality though. You can give you campaign a cost and then as opportunities are created, won and lost, you build up a picture of how successful that campaign was.

How useful would it be to request marketing budget and be able to show exact profits from all you campaigns?
You can add scripts within the campaigns and attach appropriate documentation if required.

As you create your campaigns you can allocate Activities to staff during the creation process and because all the Activities are attached to the campaign, you can track your progress accurately and as often as you want, as the Activity results are instantly available.

Class leading Campaign Management from Gold-Vision CRM and CRM UK.

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