Lead Management

A telemarketing environment separate to your main database allows for telemarketers to run through raw data quickly with affecting you main clean database

  • Create custom pages based on the data imported to make for easier cleansing and lead generation
  • Gold-Vision Lead Management allows the user to check for duplicate company or contact information within the main database
  • Screens and functionality designed to allow your telemarketers to complete higher numbers of better quality calls
  • Set targets for the users and report on their progress easily
  • Gold-Vision Lead Management gives you the ability to run TPS (Telephone Preference Service) checks
  • Link directly with Gold-Vision CRM’s Email Marketing functionality for more unified marketing efforts
More about Lead Management

Lead Management is a tricky area fro CRM systems to deal with as it requires giving your staff less functionality in order to make them more efficient. This can often be a foriegn concept for CRM software but Gold-Vision CRM had a Lead Management module that is designed to achieve this without affecting other users within the system.

It is not uncommon for a business to find themselves with a relatively large amount of what could be considered raw data. This could come from a number of sources like a list vendor, exhibiiton or maybe a list of visitors to your website in the last month.

Traditionally you would need to import this into your CRM system, allocate it to a telemarketing team or lower level sales staff and then get them to cleanse the data so that it can be marketed correctly or dealt with by senior sales staff.

The problem with this approach is that your CRM solution is designed to give staff as much functionality as it can. Gold-Vision in particular is very good at this as it allows your staff activities to be linked to projects and campaigns, you can attach documents to them and utilise many other useful sales tools.

In a telemarketing environment these extra tools mean extra clicks and more on screen to distract the caler who you just want to get through as many calls as possible.

Gold-Vision Lead Management gives these users a different, more simplified interface that gives them only the functionaly they need. They can create themselves a call back with a simple click, email literature through and use the company phone system all with simply single click buttons. When they find a lead that needs to be promoted into the main database and allocated to a senior sales person, they simply click a button and move onto the next call. All the notes they have created and intelligence they have gathered are automatically added to the record in the main database.

Lead Management within Gold-Vision CRM also addresses the different needs of managers of this type of employee. Now rather than KPI’s based around pipelines and margins, you want to know how many calls people are making, how long they are spending on calls and how many are becoming leads.

All this information is available on screen to the manager and the users themselves so that they can keep track of how many calls they have made against the days target.The Gold-Vision CRM reporting system means this information can be compiled and displayed in many different ways quickly and easily.

Gold-Vision CRM does something most other CRM solutions fail to do. We give your staff two completely different ways of working, within the same CRM solution that are connected in a fashion that means no time consuming exchange of data between the two.

Why not contact us for a demonstration of how we could transform the way your telemarketing team and sales team interact. CRM UK and Gold-Vision could revolutionise the way you manage leads.

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