Built-in Email Marketing

Create professional HTML Email templates with traceable links and monitor who opens them and who clicks on which links

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  • Gold-Vision CRM caters for all HTML skill levels. Use the easy to use wizard to create your own emails, write HTML directly into the editor, import templates from other systems or use the standard pre-loaded templates
  • Preview your emails, test them with colleagues and spam test them with Spam Assassin
  • Built in Image library for easy integration into your emails
  • Comprehensive tracking data will tell you who has clicked on which link and at what time. Use this information for follow ups, future campaigns and monitoring the success of links and link locations
  • Allow contacts to unsubscribe intelligently and update their details. All automatically dealt with by Gold-Vision CRM
  • All campaign tracking data and statistics are automatically synchronised with your main CRM database. No need for exporting and importing of data.
More about Built-in Email Marketing

Gold-Vision CRM is the only CRM Software on the market that offers you a comprehensive built in Email Marketing solution that removes the need for time consuming importing and exporting of data and tracking information.

A marketing department needs to be both pro-active and re-active. Campaign Management within our CRM Solution allows you to schedule and manage your long term campaigns, newsletters and anything else you have planned for the year, but what about re-active Email Marketing when you need to quickly get a message to your customer/prospect base?

Linking a different CRM Solution with 3rd party software or services means that getting an Email Marketing campaign set up quickly is impossible. You need to get the data from your CRM System into the e-mail marketing tool, which normally involves exporting and importing data which takes time.

Gold-Vision CRM has fully functioning Email Marketing software built in, so you simply create your list using the quick list filtering system, press the campaign button and the data is queued for emailing.

Gold-Vision CRM’s Email marketing tool has a fully functioning HTML editor that allows you to load in templates or create e-mails from scratch. This can be done via the WYSIWYG interface or by manipulating HTML code directly.

You can test different subject lines, spam test your email, send to colleagues for previewing, track all individual links and set automatic un-subscribes. The most powerful part of the whole process is the fact that this is all happening within your CRM Solution, so all tracking data and un-subscribes are automatically updated within CRM.

No other CRM Solution can claim to give marketing so much control over their Email Marketing campaigns within CRM. Gold-Vision CRM and CRM UK are the clear choices for any company with an Email Marketing requirement.

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