Customisation & Integration

Using the administration tool, customise existing pages or create new ones. You can also integrate with pretty much any other software you are likely to be using

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  • Every field in the system can be modified or changed, and new fields can be added quickly and easily. This gives you the ability to create any page and any functionality the business requires
  • Whole new sections of the software can be created by us and made to look like they were always part of the system
  • Easily integrate with your Accounts software or any other business critical applications to truly unify your business
  • Fully integrate your CRM system with your website to allow for leads to be fed directly into the system and distributed automatically
  • We have modified Gold-Vision to directly file VAT returns with HMRC, monitor customer buying behaviour, manage stock control and much more
More about Customisation and Integration

Every field in Gold-Vision CRM can be changed and moved around. There are hundreds of user defined fields available for you to place wherever you need them to customise each page to trap exactly what information you need.

CRM UK have the ability to manipulate the Gold-Vision CRM source code and we have vast experience and knowledge developing software with .NET and SQL.

This means we can design bespoke pages and additional software that can do pretty much whatever your business requires. To date our talented programming team have customised parts of Gold-Vision CRM to be Stock Control Modules, VAT Reconciliation Software, Product Profiling pages, Complex Insurance SLA Management software and many more. We are yet to find a requirement we can’t fill.

We have also written impressive web based expenses systems and much more to link into your Gold-Vision CRM system.

At the moment we are talking about the Bespoke Customisation work we do at the start of the project, but inevitably, you will require further changes as the company grows, needs change and better ways are found to do things. With other CRM Software packages this would normally require the time of a £1000 per day consultant, but with Gold-Vision CRM, this kind of Bespoke Customisation can be completed by an administrator through the Admin console.

This massively reduces the on-going costs of running your CRM Solution and brings a much quicker ROI to the project.

Why not contact us and challenge us with a requirement for Bespoke Customisation. We’re sure we can surprise you with what Gold-Vision CRM can be made to do.

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