Customer Service and Support

Manage ticket creation, resolution and communication with the customer in one central place to improve the customer experience.

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  • Create contracts for all of your clients outlining the services they use, equipment they have, support they are entitled to and service level agreements
  • Use email templates and workflow to automatically raise a ticket and send information to the client
  • A staging process can be implemented to help you track each support ticket and monitor those that are not being resolved quickly enough
  • Store email traffic, documents and notes in the same place for yours and your customers information
  • Implement alerting to automatically send out reminders and even quotes for support renewals, maintenance and warranty payments
More about Customer Service and Support

Gold-Vision CRM has a Customer Service Support section built in that allows your Customer Support agents to deal with customers issues in a much more efficient and professional manner. It also allows problems to be handled quicker whilst improving the service.

As soon as a Customer Service Support agent receives a call, they need to know everything they can about the customer. As far as the customer is concerned, they are your only and most important client, so everyone should know them. This is obviously impossible, especially if you have a large customer base, but Gold-Vision CRM can make it happen.

How? Gold-Vision CRM’s 360 degree view of all aspects of the relationship with the customer means that they can quickly see what projects are being worked on, what other support issues they have raised, what e-mails they have been sending and what opportunities the sales team are working with them on.

Why not automate the process of sending out e-mails to customers explaining that support tickets have been opened, allow your engineers to quickly update customers directly and send resolution e-mails at the click of a mouse. All these things are the back bone of good customer service and all are features of Gold-Vision CRM.

You can set priority levels and monitor how quickly certain issues are resolved. Managers can create complex reporting around this information and ensure that customers are getting the best possible service.

Use reporting to isolate reoccurring issues and send mass resolutions to all you clients. 5 star Customer Service Support has never been easier.

Gold-Vision CRM can also manage your Service Level Agreements using a traffic light system to warn both staff and Managers when tickets are in danger of breaching SLA’s. You can also give your customers the ability to monitor their support tickets on-line via the Gold-Vision Web Portal.

With Gold-Vision CRM and CRM UK, everything is covered meaning longer relationships with happier customers.

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