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Gold-Vision enables you to effectively manage your sales opportunities so that you can track progress of team activity and measure success. Your customer Account and Contact data is all centralised and easy for all users to access.

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  • All Email communication with Contacts are automatically tracked with no need for troublesome plug-ins and add-ons
  • Documents can be attached to the Account, Activities, Contacts, Notes, Opportunities and Projects areas
  • A central Notes section shows all notes associated with an Account and makes it easy for staff to add new notes or search through the Account history
  • Comprehensive activities with alerting and reminders to make sure nothing is ever missed
  • Workflow can be used to make sure Account Management tasks are completed by the right person at the right time
  • Links can be created to other Accounts and Contacts within the system quickly and easily
More about Account and Contact Management

A company lives and dies by the accuracy and usability of their Account and Contact Management. Your staff need to know exactly what is going on in every account, and this information needs to be available easily, up to date and more importantly accurate.

Gold-Vision CRM takes this concept further than the competition by making Contact Management simple and using alerting and workflow to ensure that staff add the right information in the right place.

When a customer calls the office, the staff member answering the phone has just become the face of your organisation. This person may have never spoken to the client before and may have no knowledge of the relationship or existing projects and issues.

Gold-Vision CRM allows the user to quickly identify the company and access their overview screen which will show them all the opportunities, projects, support issues, recent e-mails and notes, making them an instant expert and a much more effective call handler.

Account and Contact Management is the basis of all CRM systems and is where the technology began. Gold-Vision CRM takes this core functionality and uses it to give the user more knowledge, and as we all know, knowledge is power.

Within Gold-Vision CRM Activities are goals. A Sales person needs to create a quote or complete a proposal, a marketing person needs to get an appointment with a prospect or maybe a Manager needs to remind themselves to check a key account.

It’s common for other CRM Software packages to create an Activity for every call someone makes and for every little process that your staff go through to achieve a goal on an account. What does this mean? long lists of activities that overwhelm the user and never actually get completed.

Gold-Vision CRM takes a different approach to your Activities List. Making Activities and end goal means that you can register all your calls, your notes, appropriate documentation and e-mails to that one activity. This means staff spend less time looking around the system to find information to help them complete the goal, and more time actually completing it.

Each Activity also gets its own staging process, so your staff can look at their Activities list and see what is getting close to deadline and what progress has been made.

Gold-Vision CRM allows your staff to complete goals quicker and makes sure no deadline is missed or forgotten. There’s a simple yet hugely beneficial bi-product of Gold-Vision CRM’s Activities lists, happier customers and higher conversion rates.

Gold-Vision CRM has the simplest and most comprehensive Outlook Integration on the market. That’s not a marketing line or an empty claim. It’s simply fact, and a fact that we are willing to prove.

You will see claims by most CRM Software Solution providers about how their Outlook Integration is the best on the market and how it offers features that you can’t find in other CRM Solutions, but unfortunately, this simply isn’t true.

Every other CRM Solution on the market relies on some kind of plug-in or add-on that needs to be installed in Outlook. This is all well and good, but it means that you need to go into a menu to tell the system that the e-mail you have highlighted needs to be added to CRM.

This means you are relying on staff to remember to do this if you want to track e-mails. You are also allowing them to make the decision about what should and should not be tracked.

These plug-ins are notoriously problematic and are usually responsible for a fair amount of support issues. You just don’t need these extra headaches.

Gold-Vision CRM is the only CRM Software Package on the market that completely automates e-mail tracking, allows you to track e-mails at the domain level and fully integrates with Outlook Calendar and Outlook tasks. The best bit is that it will do this without the need for any human intervention or any need for Plug-ins and Add-ons.

Your welcome to call us and get us to prove just how good Gold-Vision CRM’s Outlook Integration really is.

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