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HMG Law is a modern law firm with offices in the centre of Oxford and Bicester which can trace its’ history as far back as 1838.  HMG Law needed to modernise its’ network & IT equipment, provide shared resources to users at both offices and gain access to an IT support helpdesk.  Of particular issue was the inability to use “current” software on older operating systems & hardware, overall slowness and persistent errors in the systems.

CRM-UK supplied and installed a high-spec server and replaced all the workstations, at both sites in the organisation, with current PCs, LCD monitors and up-to-date operating systems specially customised to HMG Law’s needs. CRM-UK have provided a modern, stable environment compatible with both older work processes and the latest software needs of the organisation.  HMG also have access to our experienced helpdesk staff for their day-to-day IT needs.